15 Qualities of a Master Mason

Adapted and condensed from Don Bradley, Freemasonry in the 21st
Century, ISBN 1-888298-00-6.

1. Master Masons do not have selfish interests.  All they do, say, and think is for the welfare of others.
2. Vanity is dead for them.  They see themselves as they are and do not pretend to be something other than what they are.
3. Anger is no longer their master.  They have found that anger is a defense mechanism of the ego.
4. They are not the slaves of possessions.  Money, homes, cars, clothes, books, TV's are not evil in themselves; it is being a slave to them that is a problem.

5. Master Masons are not afraid to act with courage in their convictions.  If they have a fear, they act to overcome it.
 6. A Master Mason is always a real person.  He does not care what others think of him, but he constantly cares for the welfare of others.

7. He sees the viewpoints of others.  He listens and thinks about what others are saying so as to understand them.

8. His emotions are always positive.  If hate or anger try to control him, he finds love and understanding and lets them bloom instead.
9. He uses his imagination for creative, not destructive purposes.  He imagines how he is going to respond instead of react to events.
10. He does not belittle or slander others.  His job is to see that anything that comes from his mind, emotions, or mouth is the highest it can be for him.
11. Each day he aligns himself with his inner teacher.  He does this by spending a few quiet minutes to allow himself to be healed of his vices and shortcomings.
12. All his actions have as their basic animating energy the power of Love.  Even when he acts as a warrior to destroy darkness and evil, it is with the support of love and freedom.
13. He always has a vision.  His vision comes from his heart, and because this is so, it always includes humanity.

14. His actions, feelings and thoughts are in harmony with the teachings of ageless Wisdom.  He is always acting in the best interests of all concerned, and his daily life is an example of sanity and balance.
15. He is never fanatical.  He is sane, normal, and healthy.  The most interesting idea about the Master Mason is that he is one who is an example of integration.  Integration means that his mind, emotions, and body all work together and not against each other. A true Master Mason has glimpsed the eternal and unchanging reality of life. He sees all things as necessary in the Great Plan for unfolding the hidden potential of all creation.  As such, mortality and its illusion are overcome by him. As he lives in the eternal, his life reflects that eternal consciousness.





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