Index to Brother George Washington's Masonic Apron        

 18.  FIVE-POINTED STAR represents the five points of fellowship.  Within the star is the letter "G," a well-known symbol of Freemasonry representing both God and geometry. 
19.  MOSAIC PAVEMENT, a representation of the ground floor of King Solomon's Temple.  The Masonic Pavement is emblematical of human life, checked with good and evil. 
20.  STEPS are usually three in number.  The six steps are said to represent degrees Washington received. 
21.  HOLY BIBLE, the great light of Freemasonry. 
22.  COFFIN has always symbolized death.  It is found on tracing boards of the 18th century and, in that time, constituted a part of the esoteric symbolism. 
23.  SKULL AND CROSS-BONES are symbols of mortality and death and are so used in French degrees. 
24.  SPRIG OF ACACIA.  The acacia tree is supposedly the shittah wood of the Old Testament.  The name is sometimes spelled Cassia.  It has long been used as a symbol of immortality. 
25.  SQUARE is the proper Masonic Jewel of the Master of the Lodge.  It is one of the Great Lights in Freemasonry.  It is the stonemason's square of two equal arms. 
26.  COMPASSES, the proper Masonic emblem of the Craft, and one of the Great Lights in Freemasonry. 
27.  BRICK WALL appears to represent the place in the Lodge occupied by the Altar.  The Holy Bible, Square, and Compasses rest upon it, as do the three Lesser Lights.  It composes nine rows of bricks, one upon the other.  To give the symbolic meaning of the wall would be mere speculation. 
28.  ARK is emblematical of that Divine Ark which safely carries us over this tempest-tossed life.  It is often shown with the Anchor. 
29.  SETTING MAUL, in operative Masonry, is used for setting stones, that is, tapping them to a firm seat in the mortar or urging them sidewise into place.  It is considered by some to be a symbol of untimely death. 
30.  (See No.16) 
31.  (See No.16) 
32.  TREASURER of the lodge wearing the Apron of his office and holding the emblem of his office, Crossed Keys. 
33.  TWENTY-FOUR INCH GAUGE symbolizes the twenty-four hours of day divided into three equal parts devoted to God, usual vocations, and rest. 
34.  SWORD POINTING TO A NAKED HEART demonstrated that justice will sooner or later overtake us; and that although our thoughts, words and actions may be hidden from the eyes of man, they are not hidden from the All-Seeing Eye. 
35.  TASSEL consists of a cord with tassels on the ends.  It alludes to the Care of Providence which surrounds and deeps us within its protection while we govern our lives by the four cardinal virtues: temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice.  The tassel may also represent the Mystic Tie, that sacred bond which unites men of diverse opinions into one band of Brother. 
36.  LEVEL, the proper Masonic Jewel of the Senior Warden, symbolizes equality and reminds us that we are traveling upon the level of time.  It is one of the working tools of an operative mason. 
37.  (See No 8) 
38.  (See No 9) 
39.  SUN, one of the Lesser Lights.  As a source of light, it reminds the Mason of that intellectual light of which he is in constant search. 
40.  SEVEN SIX-POINTED STARS.  The number SEVEN represents the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences: Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy.  The SIX-POINTED STAR symbolizes Divine Providence, the star of David or Shield of David.  It comprises tow interlaced triangles, which have a number of Masonic interpretations. 
41.  LETTERS used symbolically in the Mark Master Mason's degree, Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. 
42.  BEEHIVE is the emblem of industry.  It teaches us that as we came into this world rational and intelligent beings, so we should ever be industrious ones. 

43.  APRON.  The Masonic Apron, which derives from the working apron of the stonemason, is in itself a symbol.  It is an emblem of innocence, and the badge of a Freemason. 





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