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of the Executive Director 


Dear Brethren & Visitors:

It just seems like yesterday that I stepped into the role of Executive Director at Phoenixmasonry. Actually, it has been more like ten years ago plus or minus as we head towards 2019.

In that time I have had many duties to help oversee this wonderful website under a great President David Lettelier.

Support cast has come and gone as the twists and turns of life takes many on different paths as time goes by. Through it all, we have consistently been able to keep this organization on the cutting edge of Freemasonry.

We have kept the old while ushering in the new. As communication and learning tastes have changed, we have moved with the change without changing the message.

While we still have kept the many Masonic books you will find on Phoenixmasonry we added shorter articles for those that preferred brevity. We connected with Freemasons around the world on a myriad of Phoenixmasonry Social Media. When reading became less popular, we added Masonic videos.

The latest growth at Phoenixmasonry is to produce our own Masonic interview videos with the advent of Phoenixmasonry Live. Phoenixmasonry Live has provided Masons and non-Masons alike a chance to view todayís Masonic authors, artists, craftsmen and Brothers of accomplishment in the comfort of their own home.

One way or the other we are providing a learning, educational, and a memorable Masonic site that one can access any way they want in the manner of communication that best fits their lifestyle.

The Museum side is constantly adding new artifacts. These can be very useful for a short Lodge talk. And remember the old saying, ďa picture is worth a thousand words.Ē We believe that here at Phoenixmasonry. We also believe that a video is worth a thousand pictures. If you havenít caught us on YouTube yet Ė either with the Phoenixmasonry YouTube channel or the Phoenixmasnry Live YouTube channel you donít know what you are missing!

When the next technological advance in communication comes along, Phoenixmasonry will be right there with it. In the meantime enjoy the most popular Masonic Website in North America, Phoenixmasonry. And become a contributor to this awesome 501©3 Site. We openly solicit Masonic articles worthy of publication, we value your feedback and offer you a chance to donate whatever contribution you can make, both monetarily and scholarly.


Frederic L. Milliken, Executive Director

Past Master Plymouth Lodge, Plymouth Massachusetts, Past Master Paul Revere Lodge, Brockton, Massachusetts.  "William Munroe" in the Paul Revere Colonial Degree Team.  "Squire Bentley" in the play "A Rose Upon The Altar." Scottish Rite & Shrine in Massachusetts.  Presently an affiliated Past Master at Pride of Mt. Pisgah #135, Prince Hall Texas. Knight Templar Prince Hall. The Beehive Blog on




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