"Finding El Dorado"

By Worshipful Brother Mason Pratt

This novel is a careful attempt to introduce Freemasonry, in an indirect way, to people that normally would not entertain something attached to our fraternity. Whether it is from a generational prejudice or a false impression of Freemasonry, it is meant to portray our order as worthy of consideration.

Looking back on your life, have you ever wished there was a path laid out to help you grow as a person spiritually, morally and philosophically into a better person. Most people are surrounded by mixed messages of what is needed to make them happy. Most are false and empty promises. What if there was a path that would lead you to an unbelievable richness of growth and self-fulfillment as a member of the truly gifted. On a mission to make the world, and yourself, better.

Searching my entire life to find this place, I finally have seen the path that was there all along. So I wrote a book that tells a story. This story is a fiction novel, with underlying truths. It was written to pass along to those who really want to find this path and are willing to read into the novel the message there that will find the inner treasure that is El Dorado.

Synopsis:  Drew Wyatt wanted to help make the world a better place. Unfortunately, he saw himself as an average person with an average life. After his father’s death, he encounters a secret society called the “Strykers,” a network of like-minded people that possess seemingly amazing abilities, the basic elements of which can alter the course of society. Their direction is accomplished by forming new leaders using several ancient arts and sciences that move their initiates past the petty struggles of money and power. In this knowledge, Drew discovers a "worldwide"' unity of humanity which is held together by these constructive ideals. Who are these people? Where did they get the ability to do these mystical events? Lastly, why are they inviting him to join their ranks? Follow Drew on his journey of growth and discovery while pursuing enlightenment. Be a witness to his introduction into the mysterious world of "Finding El Dorado"....


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