What Came We Here To Do?

by Bro I. M. Jenkins in 1920

Foot to foot, no matter where,
Though far beyond my destined road.
If brother needs a brother's care,
On foot I'll go and share his load.
Knee to knee, no selfish prayer
Shall ever from my lips ascend,
For all who act upon the square,
At least, hence forth, my knee shall bend.
Breast to breast, and this I swear,
A brother's secret here shall sleep,
If told to me upon the square,
Save those I am not bound to keep.
Hand to back, Oh, type of love!
Fit emblem to adorn the skies,
Be this our take below, above,
To help poor failing mortals rise.
Cheek to cheek, or mouth to ear,
"We all like sheep have gone astray."
May we good counsel give and bear,
'Til each shall find a better way!






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