Hospital Visitation

The Masonic Service Association of North America conducts an active Hospital Volunteer Program in more than 157 Veterans Administration Medical Centers, several state operated Veterans Homes, and in a number of Military Hospitals in the United States and other countries, using hundreds of volunteers who contribute more than one quarter million volunteer hours of service each year. This program is wholly financed by the voluntary contributions of Masons and Masonic Bodies. More than nine million dollars have been expended in the operation of this Program since 1946.

"Little things mean a lot": a friendly smile, a warm handclasp, an embrace and a kind word can do as much for those who are lonely and depressed in a hospital or a nursing home as all the medicine that the doctors can prescribe. Particularly for veterans who may be without families, these Hospital Visitors provide a link with the outside world which is critical. The friendships formed and the appreciation of those who are hospitalized, sometimes for life, are a wonderful 'paycheck' for the work done. The Hospital Visitation Program is a vital part of the Fraternity that deserves your attention and needs your immediate help.


If you have time and want to become involved in a program that will give you a feeling of self-satisfaction and pride, knowing you are helping those who cannot help themselves, write to us. This program will help to make your life more meaningful! 

We also have many pamphlets and digests available.  Our Short Talk Bulletin has been described as the widest distributed Masonic publication in the world.
We also serve as a collection point for disaster relief when a jurisdiction asks us to issue an appeal. We do not deduct anything for that service; either administrative fees or costs of sending thank you letters to donors.


The Masonic Service Association of North America

3905 National Drive, Suite 280

Burtonsville, MD  20866

or contact them from their web site above. It's a wonderful program!





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