IF Providence your lot hath blest,

In peace and affluence to rest,

Let not your mind contracted be,

Nor scorn the abodes of poverty,

When you behold in abject state,

A brother crush'd by fortune's fate,

Lend him your aid, his wants to free,

And you shall honor Masonry.

When o'er the list of human woes,

You find the tear of grief o'erflows,

The widow's moan, the orphan's sigh,

Your help shall honor Masonry.

Where discord reigns with direful sway,

The balm of reas'ning there display;

Show to the world a conscience free,

And you shall honor Masonry.

Your time shall pass serenely on -

While conscience dictates, right is done:

Your hoary locks shall honored be,

If you've regarded Masonry.

When life's tempestuous scenes are o'er,

And nature's calls require no more,

In heaven you'll take your last degree,

If you have honor'd Masonry.




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