Iíve Walked With Friends
A Masonic poem by Ezekiel M. Bey, FPS


Whatís a companion,  What is a Friend

Whatís the beginning, what is the end

What is the answer, to every question

What is the moral to every lesson



How can we fall, not knowing all

Why do we think, we know it all

Foolish the man who thought was tall

Foolish the person, who missed his call



A sight thatís blurry, a mental fog

Near sighted vision, canít see the stars

Spiritual Kingdom greatly prepared

Where is the road, to lead me there



Is there a thought, I can create

A mental ship, to navigate

Is there a compass that I once knew

That I once measured, all latitudes



I canít remember, I canít recall

Did I forget, we all once crawled

What is the message to life itself

To build internal, spiritual wealth



When will we see, what is above

The true experience, eternal love

So whatís the beauty that lives inside

I walked the distance with friends beside




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