"The Master's Carpet" 

The above images are known as a "Master's Carpet" and is a basic emblematical chart for the instruction of Freemasonry.  Scrolls such as this were produced during the 19th century as teaching aides for the Worshipful Master and his lecturers within the Blue Lodge to instruct new candidates in the symbolism of Ancient Craft Masonry.  It features all of the symbols, a few to wit:  the Sun, Moon and Stars, Jacob's Ladder, King Solomon's Temple, Pillars of Jachin and Boaz, the All-Seeing Eye, the Square and Compasses, the Ark and Rainbow, Beehive, 47th Problem of Euclid, Winged Hour Glass, Sword Pointing to a Naked Heart and the many various other Working Tools.  During the times that the many lectures of the degrees were explained to the initiates, the chart was taken off of the wall and rolled out on the floor of the Lodge room... hence the word "carpet" instead of chart became commonly used.  This info was taken from an early Masonic Supply House catalog:  

Catalog No. 69, 1920's "High Grade Supplies for Masonic Lodges" . It states; "Mounted on canvas roller top and bottom; in three parts one for each degree, $13.50.  Single chart for Second Degree $4.50.  Charts mounted on spring rollers, in wall case, each $22.00."

1st Degree  "Sherer's Celebrated Masonic Carpets   "We publish these in two styles, beautifully lithographed in numerous colors.  They are without exception the finest Charts for the Lodge Room ever devised."

 "THE SHERER CARPETS have been the standard work for the Lodge Room for over thirty years. The late John Sherer, their author, largely devoted his life to arranging and perfecting these beautiful works for the Lodge Room instructions, and so well did he succeed that no one has ever been able to compile a Chart that would stand for a moment when compared with Sherer's.  Nearly every Grand Lodge in America has officially endorsed the Sherer Carpets and recommended each subordinate Lodge to purchase one, and hundreds of Grand Officers have declared these Carpets absolutely indispensable in conferring the degrees intelligently. The emblems are arranged in systematic order to correspond with the several lectures, and give more light to the candidate than can be done in any other way. They print indelibly upon the every Mason's mind the true alphabet of Masonic symbols. Thousands of Lodges have purchased them, and Bob Morris truly says: "The present generation of Masons have been educated symbolically by Brother Sherer's Carpets."

 2nd Degree "SHERER'S LARGE MASONIC CARPET Latest improved addition, in map form, mounted on heavy muslin, on roller all ready to hang in the Lodge.  Embraces all the emblems of the Blue Lodge Degrees, correctly and systematically arranged by section and Degree, with a ground floor view, or correct representation of a Lodge in each Degree.   All the work is so distinct that brethren in distant parts of the hall my follow the Worshipful Master as he points out the emblems, and refresh their memories as to the meaning of these mystic symbols. This is unquestionably the most beautiful, correct and elaborate Carpet ever devised.  Size 6 X 6 feet.  Price  $10.00"

 3rd Degree "SHERER"S CARPET   In three parts; each degree on a separate chart with ground floor view of a Lodge in each Degree.  Size of Chart 3 X 4 feet. Lithographed and mounted on rollers - map form. The Charts are lighter to handle and the candidate has before him only the emblems of the Degree he has just taken.  Price per set, three charts,  $10.00"

The designer, John Sherer, is noted in book history for his The Masonic Ladder, or the Nine Steps to Ancient Freemasonry (Cincinnati: R. W. Carroll, 1874). His work here precedes the book by 6 years, and is a slightly differing interpretation of the emblematic chart.

A special "Thank You" to our Librarian Wor. Bro. Ralph Omholt for the many hours he spent photographing the above set of Master's Carpets that he has in his Library!!!




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