Early Shrine Temple Photographs

Shriners on Parade at the Imperial Council Session in Rochester, New York circa 1910

Almas Shrine Temple holds a Huge BBQ

Even back then Bud came in a bottle!

Medinah Temple Shriners bring the Clowns to the Shriners Hospital in Chicago

An Early Shrine Hospital Dedication (Unidentified)

Illustrious Brother Gene Autrey visits the Children at the Shriners Hospital in Erie, PA circa 1957

1950 vintage photo (7"x9") Newly made Shriners Roy Rogers, Potentate Harold Lloyd, Red Skelton, and Dick Powell

Noble Brother Red Skelton visiting the Shriners Hospital in St. Louis, MO.

An Early Imperial Potentate from Kismet Shrine Temple

This picture is of Mr. Conrad V. Dykeman. The picture was taken at the Keith Theater in Washington, DC. in June of 1923.  Mr. Dykeman had just been elected as the Imperial Potentate of the AAONMS.  If you look closely, he is wearing an imperial jewel of the time.  Mr. Dykeman was a Shriner with Kismet Temple.  You can barely make out the word “Kismet” on his fez.  He was elected on June 7, 1923 and served until June 5, 1924.  From Mr. Dykeman’s attire and the wilted condition of the flowers, the picture was most likely taken the day after his election on June the 8th.  No Imperial Potentate at the time would have been elected in a lounge suit and the flowers were probably fresh for his election and official photographs on the 7th.  Mr. Dykeman was the only Imperial Potentate who originated from Kismet Temple.

A special "Thank You" to Noble Brother Larry Dittmer, Captain of the Guard Kismet Shriners for identifying this photograph!





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