Statue of an "Entered Apprentice contemplating The Rough Ashlar"

Pictured above is an original statue created by MARBLECast® Products, Inc.  It teaches Freemasons in the Entered Apprentice Degree that The Rough Ashlar, or stone in its rude and unpolished condition, is emblematic of man in his natural state--ignorant, uncultivated, and vicious.  But when education has exerted its wholesome influence in expanding his intellect, restraining his passions, and purifying his life, he then is represented by the Perfect Ashlar, which, under the skilful hands of the workman, has been smoothed, and squared, and fitted for its place in the building.  In the older lectures of the eighteenth century the Perfect Ashlar is not mentioned, but its place was supplied by the Broached Thurnel.


Pictured in the left hand of this statue is the chisel which is one of the working tools of the Entered Apprentice and also has the same reference to the advantages of education.  Preston (Illustrations of Masonry, 1812, page 86) thus elaborates its symbolism as one of the implements of Freemasonry:  "The chisel demonstrates the advantages of discipline and education.  The mind, like the diamond in its original state, is unpolished; but as the effects of the chisel on the external coat soon present to view the latent beauties of the diamond, so education discovers the latent virtues of the mind and draws them forth to range the large field of matter and space,  in order to display the summit of human knowledge, our duty to God and man."

Pictured in the right hand of this statue is The Common Gavel which is also one of the working tools of the Entered Apprentice Mason.  It was made use of by the Operative Mason to break off the corners of the rough ashlar, and thus fit it the better for the builder's use, and is therefore adopted as a symbol in Speculative Masonry, to admonish us of the duty of divesting our hearts and consciences of the vices and superfluities of life, thereby fitting our minds as living stones for that spiritual building, that house made not with hands, eternal in the heavens. 

Made of marble material, this beautifully sculpted original is signed and numbered by the artist.  It is currently in limited production, only 500 statues will be made and is available now for $119.00 plus $32.00 shipping/handling (within the 48 contiguous United States).  The statue measures 8" tall by 4" wide.  The wood base it sits on is 10" wide by 6" deep.  The shipping weight is approximately 10 lbs. 

To order: 

Please make all checks or money orders payable to:  MarbleCast Products, 947 Folsom Avenue West, Salt Lake City, Utah  84104.  To pay by credit card we accept PayPal payments to:   Utah residents add 5.95% state sales tax.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  We ship via FedEx so include your physical address.  No P.O. Boxes please!




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