The Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots is a little-known fraternity comprised entirely of Master Masons in good standing, similar to the Grotto and the Tall Cedars of Lebanon. It has local units called "pyramids" in California, New Jersey and Illinois.
The Order was established first in 1905, when a number of Masons met in the Mission Masonic Temple, in the City of San Francisco, for the purpose of forming a social club, where Masons could get together on an equal footing, free from the restraint of the lodge room, yet organized for the purpose of furthering Masonic teachings and applying, in a practical way, in everyday business affairs, the teachings of the Fraternity.
The idea was an instant success.  It was recognized that such an organization filled a long-felt want because it brought the Brethren into close contact in their daily lives;  fostering the true spirit of fraternity;  caused men to forget their worries, troubles, and cares of life;  made them look upon the brighter side of things;  and gave them new hope and joy. Their slogan was:  BOOST ONE ANOTHER!
In 1910, the group decided upon a name, adopting the Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots, established a ritual, and designated their headgear to be the fez, similar to the Shrine and the Grotto.
The Order's ritual is based upon events that supposedly occurred on the "Isle of Scio," near present-day Syria in 1124 BC. The brotherly love and support that the Sciots rendered to one another is said to have impressed the Pharaoh of Egypt so much that he invited the Sciots to his royal palace "for feasting and merry-making every third moon."
To commemorate this, the order offers one degree designated as the "League of Neighbors." Candidates for membership in the Order also promise to attend their Blue Lodge once a month.
The Order is comprised of a few local units (approximately twenty "pyramids"), each ruled by a "Toparch." The governing body is called the "Supreme Pyramid" headed by a "Pharaoh"  and meets semi-annually. Presently, the Order has approximately 1,800 members. The primary charity of the Order is to raise funds for disadvantaged children.


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Supreme Office
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P.O. Box 501801
San Diego, CA 92150-1801
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