Supreme Council of the Royal Arcanum

Knights of Honor

Life insurance, as commercially conducted in the mid to late 1800's failed to meet the needs of the masses. Only the prosperous minority could afford to indulge in such an expensive luxury. Thousands upon thousands had seen their dearly bought protection vanish in bankruptcy proceedings and receiverships.

Masons and Odd Fellows had organized relief associations that bound members of the lodge together. That gave rise to the concept of bringing men together in a fraternal union for purposes of protection.

John Upchurch founded the Ancient Order of United Workmen in Pennsylvania, upon the principle of combining cooperation and fraternity with the business of furnishing protection at the lowest possible cost. While his plan was wrong in detail, the protection was what people demanded. He planted the seed, from which grew a tree whose branches would protect many thousands of widows, orphans, and dependants.

Darius Wilson The Knights of Honor was founded in Kentucky, with a slight improvement in recognizing sound insurance principles. Their growth was rapid, almost spontaneous. People in moderate circumstances welcomed them with open arms and pockets.

In 1876-77 two of the founders of Knights of Honor, John A. Cummings of Boston, MA. And Dr. Darius Wilson attempted to have the K. of H. adopt a scale of assessment, recognizing one of the well-known elements of life insurance. The effort failed, because of a lack of public education.

Artwork from Royal Arcanum's 25th Anniversary Upon their return to Boston, Brothers Wilson and Cummings organized a new society under Massachusetts's law. Dr. Wilson invited the members to meet at his house, 1066 Washington Street, on June 23, 1877, and by virtue of his position as founder of the order, organized the Supreme Council of the Royal Arcanum.

The association received a charter from the State of Massachusetts on November 5, 1877.

The Royal Arcanum is one of the success stories in the fraternal life insurance business.  They are still active and have a web site at  The Knights of Honor, from which they sprang, were not so lucky.  Both the K of H and the Knights and Ladies of Honor, a splinter group, were bankrupt by 1916.




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Royal Arcanum
Initiation Ritual


Opening of the Council for Duty.
The Regent having clothed himself with appropriate regalia and assumed his station.
REGENT: Guide, you will see that the outer and inner doors are properly guarded; that the secret symbol is displayed; that the official stations are occupied and that all within the Council Chamber are entitled to seats therein.
If any official station is not occupied, the Regent shall designate some member to occupy it temporarily.
The several stations being duly occupied, the Guide shall give the S. and P. passwords to the Regent, and moving from the right of the Regent around the Council Chamber,—visiting the Sentry’s station on his way—shall receive them from each brother present, who must stand erect and give them in a whisper, accompanied with the grip. Any member of the Council without passwords must be sent to the Regent to procure them.
The Guide, satisfied that all present are members of the Royal Arcanum, and that the Council Chamber is prepared for Duty, standing at altar, facing it and the Regent: Regent, the outer and inner doors are securely guarded; the secret symbol is properly displayed; the officers are at their stations, properly clothed, and all present are entitled to sit with us.
Guide shall then occupy his station.
REGENT, ***: Brothers, let us now assemble about the altar.
Then shall all, except the Warden and the Sentry, form in a circle about the altar. The four principal officers shall stand inside tbe circle, lacing the altar, with their backs towards their respective stations.
All (except Chaplain) give the Sign of the Order, and remain so during prayer.
CHAPLAIN, inside the circle near the altar, facing it and Regent: Our Father, who art in Heaven, as we assemble around this altar, we humbly ask Thine aid in performing the Duties of this hour. As members of this beneficent Order, with a due sense of our responsibility, may we do to others as we would have them do to us, by practicing Virtue ourselves, by showing Mercy to others, and by exercising Charity for all. Amen.
ALL: Amen.
REGENT: Brothers, give the Signs.
All do so, led by Regent.
REGENT: The governing principles of the Royal Arcanum are:
ALL: Virtue, Mercy, Charity.
REGENT: And the greatest of these is Charity.
PAST REGENT:  May Virtue lead, Mercy guide, and Charity control us in every thought, word and action.
Here may be sung:

Band of Brothers! Let us be
Bound by cords of Charity;
Mercy, lend us from above,
Olive-branch of peace; O, Love!
Plant in all these hearts of ours,
Virtue’s ever-blooming flowers.
Friendship I spread thy shelt’ring wing;
Let the social joys that spring
From our Council meetings, start
Quicker pulses through the heart;
May we by our work be brought
Up to higher realms of thought.
By the wisdom of these plans,
By the joining of our hands,
Hope’s strong anchor here is laid
In unselfish vows we’ve made,
That our loved ones, when we fall,
Share the fostering care of all.
REGENT, at his station: I now declare ... Council, No. ..., Royal Arcanum, opened in proper form and ready for its Duties. *
The Mysteries
REGENT: Guide, are there candidates in waiting?
The Guide retires, and checks and on returning: I find in waiting Mr. ..., who desires membership in our Order and instruction in its Mysteries.
The Guide will occupy his station.
REGENT: Have more than sixty days elapsed since the date of approval of the candidate’s medical examination?
Secretary refers to the paper and answers Yes or No. If the answer is Yes, the candidate must be re-examined and approved before he can receive the Degree.
REGENT: Brothers, we are about to receive another member into our circle. Let the ceremony of initiation be conducted in an orderly and dignified manner. The Past Regent and the Collector will now retire, examine the candidate and qualify him for admission to the Council.
The P. R., Col. and Guide rise at their stations. Guide receives from this Secretary the application. Then the three advance, on parallel lines, to the altar, all reaching it at the same the. Guide delivers the application to the Past Regent. Past Regent and Collector salute, and, led by the Past Regent, retire, and the door is closed.
REGENT * and directs that room be prepared for the initiation of candidate, then V.R. and G. rise, advance to altar, give sign of Duty and proceed to perform their duty after which they return to their stations and announce that the Council Chamber is ready for the initiation of the candidate.
In the ante-room, the Past Regent shall see that the application, the Medical Examiner’s inquiries, and the Obligation are properly signed by the candidate and duly certified.
PAST REGENT: Friend, are those your signatures?
The candidate must acknowledge their to be such.
PAST REGENT: Have you made the statements in this application and answered the questions in this medical examination truthfully and without reservation?
The candidate must answer in the affirmative.
PAST REGENT: Do you still desire to secure the benefits and privileges of the Royal Arcanum, and to be instructed in the Mysteries of the Order?
The candidate must reply in the affirmative.
COLLECTOR, after asking the questions prescribed on the first page of application and receiving correct answers thereto: In accordance with our rules, I must now receive from you the assessment for the current month, the current dues, and (if not paid) the degree fee, all of which amount to $—.
The Collector, after receiving the amount stated, shall give a receipt therefor.
PAST REGENT: Await, my friend, the coming of one who will guide you through the Mysteries.
Past Regent gives **    **    *.
REGENT: Warden, what alarm is that at the inner door?
WARDEN, having opened the wicket: Who knocks?
PAST REGENT : The returning officers.
REGENT: Admit them.
The Past Regent and the Collector shall then enter, the door being closed after them, and advance to the altar (the P.R. preceding Col.) and salute. The Guide should proceed to the altar and reach it simultaneously with P.R. and Col.
PAST REGENT: Regent, the way is clear for Mr. ... to be instructed in the Mysteries of this Order.
P.R. hands application with his left hand to G., who receives it with his right hand.
REGENT: Resume your stations.
P.R. and Guide face to left and C. to right. Col. moves to a position at end of altar opposite G. and then all three leave altar simultaneously, Col. and G. on parallel lines, and resume stations. G. returns application to Sec.
REGENT: Guide, you will now retire, prepare the candidate, conduct him to the threshold of this Council Chamber, and thence as you are bidden.
If more than one candidate, R. should appoint Asst.G. to accompany each of the others.
Guide retires to the ante-room, and then advances to the inner door with the candidate, or candidates, hoodwinked, and gives **    **    *.
WARDEN, opening the door slightly: Who knocks?
GUIDE: A friend.
WARDEN: Vice Regent, a friend awaits without.
VICE REGENT: Admit him.
Guide enters with the candidate or candidates, the door being closed behind them. Guide leaves candidate at the threshold, (each Asst.G. remains with his candidate) and advances to the altar alone, under sign of Duty.
GUIDE: Regent, a stranger stands upon the threshold of our secret Council Chamber.
REGENT: Who is the stranger?
GUIDE: One who is a friend and would be more.
REGENT: What are his desires?
GUIDE: To know, for himself, the Mysteries of the Royal Arcanum, and to secure, for those dear to him, the benefits and privileges which our Order bestows.
REGENT: Let the friend advance.
Guide returns to candidate and leads him to the altar. When all candidates stand at altar each Asst.G. steps to the rear of the one he conducts, the G.. at left of line of candidates.
REGENT:  Friend, thus far you have chosen well, but you are yet unacquainted with your duties and your privileges. Listen attentively to words which will enlighten you.
CHAPLAIN, advancing to the altar, facing candidate: Our Order requires that you shall now give a solemn promise. Withholding it, you can go no farther. I assure you that this promise will not conflict with either your religious belief or your duties as a citizen. Are you willing to proceed?
The candidate must reply in the affirmative.
REGENT: Guide, place the applicant in position to receive the Obligation. *  *  *.
The Guide shall instruct the candidate as to his position. Each Asst.G. places his candidate in position to receive Obligation and
at proper the relieves him of that position, etc.
Where more than one candidate appears, all candidates shall be arrayed at the altar and repeat the obligation in unison.
CHAPLAIN: Friend you will now say I, pronounce your full name and repeat after me the Obligation of this Order:
I, ..., in the presence of Almighty God and these witnesses do, of my own free will and accord most solemnly promise that I will strictly comply with all laws, rules and usages of this fraternity established by the Supreme Council of the Royal Arcanum.
I will hold allegiance to the Supreme Council and be loyal thereto as the supreme authority of the entire Order.
I will obey all orders emanating from the Supreme or Grand Councils, or from the Subordinate Council of which I am a member, so long as they do not conflict with my civil or religious liberty.
I will not defraud or wrong any department of this Order or any member thereof, or suffer it to be done by others if in my power to prevent.
I will never introduce anything or a political or sectarian character at any meeting of or in any way bring reproach upon, this Order.
I will keep forever secret all that may transpire during my initiation and will never improperly communicate to any person any of the words, signs or tokens and should I be expelled from or leave the Order I will consider this Obligation as binding out of it as it is in it.
I will assist a distressed brother or his family when in distress as far as in my power without material injury to myself or family.
I will answer all proper signs of the fraternity and use all proper means to protect a brother from defamation.
And should I violate this my solemn promise I hereby consent to be expelled from this fraternity and may God aid me to keep and perform all of these Obligations.
The Guide quietly relieves candidate from the position he has assumed while taking the Obligation and seats all candidates, except one previously chosen, and removes hoodwinks from those who have been seated, after which P.Regent will say to candidates so seated: A few words to the friend (Or friends) who has (or have) been seated in our midst, in explanation of his (or their) position would he well at this moment. You have taken upon yourself the solemn obligation of the Royal Arcanum, and the ceremonies you are about to witness consist of the conferring of the full Degree of our Order. Our laws provide that when two or more persons are to be initiated, all the candidates, except one previously chosen, may be conducted to seats in our Council chamber, affording a full view of the exemplification of our ritualistic work upon the remaining applicant. It will be your duty to pay strict attention to these proceedings, and to apply to yourself the great principles and attributes of the Royal Arcanum as if the full Degree had been conferred upon you personally.
REGENT: Brothers, you are witnesses to the solemn Obligation of our Order, which this friend has just now taken. By this he is entitled to our protection. Let him therefore be invested with the protective symbols and conducted to the Vice Regent’s station for instructions in the first great principle of the Royal Arcanum.
Guide places upon him sash resting on right shoulder and passing across body and under left arm, then suspends from the sash the Protective Badge, which he procures from the secret station, then marches him by right angles to V.R. station, in front of V banner and raises hoodwink.
The candidate awaits your instructions.
VICE REGENT: Friend, you stand before the symbol of Virtue. It is the first great underlying principle of this Order, and is part of the Royal secret. Its color is white, indicating that the first step into our Mysteries should be one of purity. Virtue in this Order, however, means more than this. It stands for strength, for courage and for truth; for purity of soul, of heart, and of mind. You see water before you. Bathe your right hand in it, to signify that you wash from yourself the impurities of the outer world.
Prompted by the Guide, if necessary, the candidate must immerse his right hand in the water.
GUIDE: The candidate has obeyed.
VICE REGENT: As one about to enter upon a difficult journey, in pursuit of important benefits, invites success by careful preparation, so have you, by this rite, been prepared to advance with pure hands toward the inner court, there to win the mystic emblem and the privileges which our Order confers.
Here the Guide shall hoodwink candidate.
*   *   *.
Here may be sung ur read:
AIR,—”Auld Lang Syne.”
How sweet the thought that VIRTUE dwells
In every human breast.
That God sends forth to mortal world,
To make his children blest;
Then, brothers, strive through life to keep
That spark alive and bright,
That it may burn till heav’n’s own flame
Shall make our pathway light.
REGENT: Friend, having been obedient to the instructions so far received, you are entitled to be called a Brother in Virtue, and have earned the right to proceed.
MEMBERS, in unison, led by Past Regent: Brother in Virtue, in all your relations to our Order, may you prove this title worthily bestowed. *.
When the members thus speak, the Guide shall head the candidate to the M-Court, in which —N;—. Guide raises hoodwink as soon is candidate is in the M-Court.
GUIDE: The candidate stands at the parting ways.
REGENT: Brother in Virtue, you now stand before the symbol of the second great underlying principle of this Order—Mercy. It is part of the Royal secret, its color is blue, signifying that Mercy is an attribute of heaven itself. It is a double court, showing that which it represents to be twice blessed, blessing him that gives and him that takes. You stand at its central points which suggests that the quality symbolized is an attribute of the heart, the source of all noble actions. To pass this court a test is required. Listen to further instruction.
ORATOR: Life is like the double court in which you stand. There are always two paths hying before you, only one of which you can pursue. In the one, youhelp mercifully to lift from your brother and those dear to him, the burdens, sorrows and responsibilities which may rest heavily upon them; in the other, you increase the burdens of life, and bring to home and friends a sorrow which neither regret nor remorse can ever remove, You now have the opportunity of proving yourself merciful, and thus worthy of companionship in the Royal Arcanum. Of the two paths before you, enter either, as you may select. May the promptings of your heart be merciful and wisely direct your choice, that no obstacle may here bar your progress through the second court of the Order.
If candidates hesitates, the Guide quietly directs him to pass through “Duty” to remove the burden from k—g brother, and assists him to assume it, when Guide again hoodwinks candidate.
GUIDE: He follows the path of Duty. He has lifted the burden.
ORATOR: Brother, you have well borne the test. You have been taught concerning the burdens and responsibilities which our Order bravely and mercifully carries, and which you must help to bear. They are symbolized by the burden which you have just assumed. Without assistance, all our burdens are heavy and grievous, as you find this, yet with a strong heart and with brotherly sympathy and help, they become light, and are easily borne. Having shown yourself worthy, you are entitled to stand within the inner court, and to advance toward the mysteries of the Royal Secret.
The Guide, on the left of the candidate, shall then lead him bearing the burden, from the M-Court past the Regent around the Council room to the altar, placing candidate within the letter C on floor facing Regent, during which the the Orator recites in low tone: Mercy moves among the desolate homes of men, amidst the poor and neglected, an angel whose wings are bright with hues of paradise. Its trophies are immortal, they will live when the weapons of victorious battle have been broken, and the sound of the post’s lyre is hushed forever. When green wreaths have faded, when the glorious monuments of human skill have perished, and when the stars themselves have ceased to burn, they will be remembered among the jewels worn in heaven.
K—g brother emerges from M—Court, proceeds to side of candidate and clasping candidate’s right hand, says: Regent, when a weary, way-worn traveller, I sank exhausted beneath my heavy load, this Brother in Virtue mercifully relieved me of my burden, and has nobly borne it. Brothers, extend to him that Mercy which he has so freely shown to me.
REGENT AND COUNCIL: Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
REGENT: Guide, remove the burden. *   *   *.
Here may be sung or read:
As we bespeak God’s MERCY, may
We ever Mercy show,
To cheer a brother’s saddened heart,
Crushed by its weight of woe;
For who can tell what he may need
Upon this changeful earth?
Be merciful to friend and foe,
And thus prove human worth.
REGENT: Brother in Virtue, having safely accomplished the journey through the path of Duty, you are entitled to be called Brother in Mercy.
MEMBERS, in unison, led by Past Regent: Brothers in Mercy, in all your relations to our Order, may you prove this title worthily bestowed.
REGENT, *: Brother in Virtue and Mercy, you now stand within the inner court, at the centre of our mystic circle.
One step more and the last obstacle will be removed from your pathway. Guide assists candidate to step close to altar. You have successfully passed the ordeals thus far presented; you have been purified in Virtue’s court; you have shown by a wise choice that Mercy dwells in your heart; and you have received with attentive ear all our instructions. My brother, before you is the symbol of the third great underlying principle of this Order—Charity. It is part of the Royal Secret. Charity is the source and origin, the purpose and end of our fraternity. It is not the giving of alms to the poor, but in its broader, nobler significance it leads us to do unto others as we would have others do unto us; to sacrifice self, to surrender our own pleasure and enjoyment, if need be, and to give to our brethren in distress our sympathy, our service, and our substantial aid. Within the recesses of the altar is concealed the Royal Secret. Before you can become with us a brother in Charity, you must discover this Secret and learn its mystic meaning. Search and find it.
The candidate, prompted by the Guide, must then raise the cover and take out the tablet. The Guide closes the cover.
REGENT: What have you discovered?
The candidate, prompted by the Guide, shall answer: This tablet
REGENT: What characters are inscribed thereon?
The candidate, prompted by the Guide, shall answer: M—.
REGENT: M—. The Mystic Number. Do you find the Key by which this mystic number may be read and explained?
Candidate, prompted by the Guide, replies: I find nothing more.
REGENT: Then our secret station has been despoiled of the Key to the Mystery. It is the Protective Badge of this Order, and without it the mystic number cannot be explained to this candidate.
Brothers, who will find the Key and make known to this seeker after truth, the protection he unconsciously enjoys?
CHAPLAIN: Regent, I can find the Key to our mystic number.
REGENT: Chaplain, you exemplify the Charity that helps in the of need. Find then the Key and enlighten this brother as to its uses.
If there is more than one candidate, the Assistant Guides should at thus point request those seated to rise, and should conduct them to this altar, ranging them in line with the candidate already there, so that all may face the Chaplain and hear and understand his explanation.
Chaplain advances to altar, passes around its end to rear of candidate, and removes the badge, not stealthily, but in such a manner that the attention of all candidates is attracted, and each can witness the removal of the key, and understand the explanation. The Chaplain then assumes a position on the opposite side of the altar, facing candidate, and holding the badge in his right hand, and taking with his left hand this tablet from the Guide, thus holding them.
CHAPLAIN: Brother, this is the Key to the mystic number. It is the Protective Badge of the Order. While you lawfully wear this badge, you are entitled to the benefits and honors of the Royal Arcanum. A brother took this Badge from its secret station and placed it on your person to secure for you its protective influence. As soon as yoa began to bear the burdens which the Order imposes, you were unconsciously placed under its protection and became entitled to share in all its benefits, privileges, and promises. The burdens are light and the benefits come to us in the hour of greatest need, even though we ourselves are unconscious of them. Cherish, then, this truth in your memory, that as long as you help to bear the burdens of the Order, you will be protected by its great and important privileges.
REGENT: Chaplain, you will deposit at my station the mystic number and its Key.
The Chaplain will then resume his station.
REGENT: Guide, you will present the Brother for instruction and investment.
Guide conducts all candidates to R.’s station.
REGENT, holding the Key and Mystic Number before the applicant: Brother, you see before you the Royal Mystery, the Royal Secret, the Royal Arcanum, and the mystic number of the Order. X—(Regent, placing Key on Station and pointing to banner.) Y. Now, as you are in full possession of the knowledge of the Royal Secret, I declare you Brother in Virtue, Mercy and Charity, and invest you with the regalia, which combines with the mystic symbol, our emblem the crown.
MEMBERS, in unison, led by the Past Regent: May you never prove unworthy of it.
The sash will here be removed. *   *   *.
Here may be sung or read:
“Greatest of these is CHARITY”
Oh! learn this lesson well,
And oft forgive your fellow-man—
Who can his weakness tell?
With Virtue, Mercy, Charity.
Let brothers’ hands be bound,
Till Love’s pure flame shall closely weld
Brave hearts the whole world round.
If the Council desires to introduce any special ritualistic work authorized by the Supreme Regent, it may be introduced at this point as follows:
Brothers, are you all satisfied that our new brother will faithfully fulfill all his obligations?
Members cry: No! No! We are not satisfied! Put him to the test! etc.
Regent: My brother, not yet can I invest you with all the rights of membership. A further test is required. Bear patiently and all will be well.
The special work will then be performed after which:
REGENT: I will now instruct you in the signs, signals and passwords. This is the sign of Duty. (A.) It is used in the Council in addressing the Regent, upon entering or retiring from the Council, whenever you rise to speak, and in crossing the Council chamber. Its answer is (A.) which should always be given in response to a member entering or retiring.
This is the sign of Virtue. (B.) This is the sign of Mercy. (C.) This is the sign of Charity and the sign of the Order. (D.)
In order to enter a Council while it is occupied with its duties, you will give three raps on the outer door. The Sentry will open the wicket. You will then give him the Semi-Annual Password which is changed on the first meeting in January and July of each year, and must be procured by you only of the Regent, no other persons can give it to you, and he only while you are in good standing in the Order. For the present term this password is ... You will then be admitted to the ante-room, where you will cloth yourself with the proper regalia, advance to the inner, or Council-room door, and give one distinct rap. The wicket will then be opened by the Warden, to whom you will give your name, rank in the Order, and the name and number of the Council to which you belong. This information will be conveyed to the Vice Regent, who will instruct the Warden to admit you, if correct. You will then give him the Permanent Password of the Order, which is ... This will admit you to the Council-room. You will advance to the altar, face the Regent and give the sign of Duty. After he responds you will be at liberty to be seated.
Should you wish to retire during a session of the Council, you will advance to the altar, give the same sign, and having been recognized, you will be at liberty to retire.
The semi-annual and permanent passwords may be given in audible tone of voice to candidates.
All movements of officers and members on the Council-room floor during a session should be, as far as possible, on lines at right angles with each other.
In order to make yourself known to a brother outside of the Council chamber, the signals and answers in which you have been instructed may be used. Besides these this grip may be used, (E.) or this word (F.), its answer being (G.)
In communicating with a brother you are entitled to use the initials V.M.C., in signing your name. You have also the right to the use of the mystic number on all proper occasions. It may be used by you in connection with your signature, to indicate that you are a member of this Order, and whenever you see this mystic number in connection with a signature, you may know that it has reference to the Royal Arcanum.
The work, or business, done in the Council is called its Duties. In these Duties one rap of the gavel calls the Council to order or seats it, two raps call up the officers and three raps call up the Council.
REGENT, *: Brother in Virtue, Mercy and Charity, I greet you as a member of the Royal Arcanum, and now present you with a copy of the constitutions and laws of the Order. It is your duty to thoroughly acquaint yourself with these requirements, that you may know your obligations and privileges, your rights and duties, as a member of the Order. Its welfare depends upon the prosperity of the Subordinate Councils. Your duty is not fully discharged by the payment of dues and assessments. You should give a reasonable amount of service to the Council by developing its fraternal and social features, by attending its regular meetings, by inducing acceptable persons to apply for membership, and by discharging with fidelity every duty assigned you either as officer or member.
I will now present you to your brethren and request that, as your name is called, you [or each of you] will move forward one step, and give the sign of Duty.
Here Guide faces candidate towards altar and as the names are called by Regent, each will move forward cue step, and give the sign of Duty.
Here a lapel button, emblematic of the Order, may be presented with appropriate remarks by the Past Regent.
REGENT: Brothers of ... Council. I introduce to you Brother ... who is now entitled to all the benefits and privileges of our beneficent Order. You will all unite with me in the hope that in the enjoyment of them, he will remain faithful to his obligation, so that, when the summons comes to him which must come to all, he will pass away confident that the protecting arm of the Royal Arcanum will shield those dear to him.
Here may be sung:
Welcome stranger! Royal Brother!
We fraternally unite
Hearts and hands with cordial greeting,
In our Council hero to-night.
Welcome to our new-made brother
Who has asked us if we would
Add by mystic rites another
To our Royal Brotherhood.
The Regent will here declare a brief recess, during which the Orator, Warden and Guide shall restore the Council-room to its ordinary condition.
Guide will conduct member just admitted to the Secretary’s desk, where be will sign the By-Laws and examine his application to see that his beneficiary is properly named, in accordance with the laws of the Order, and that his full name, date of birth and age are correctly stated.
REGENT: Brothers, the Duties appointed for this Council meeting are now nearly completed. Collector, what have been the cash receipts since the last meeting?
Collector will name the amounts for the General Fund and for the W. and O.B. Fund separately and then the total of both, which the Secretary will repeat.
REGENT: The Secretary will so enter them upon the records of this Council. Has the Treasurer receipted therefor?
REGENT: The Secretary will so record it. Has the last assessment laid been forwarded to the Supreme Treasurer, and has a receipt been received therefor?
Treasurer responds and Secretary records the answer.
REGENT: Has the Monthly Report been prepared ready to be mailed to the Grand Secretary? Secretary responds.
NOTE—If not, the Regent should see that this is done before closing the Council, as the prompt forwarding of such a report is important.
REGENT, *   *   *: Brothers, let us gather about our altar.
The same position will be assumed in this as in the opening Duty.
REGENT: Brothers, give the signs.
All do so, led by Regent.
CHAPLAIN: Let us pray. O God of infinite benevolence, Thou art the Father of all our mercies, and the God of all grace. In closing the service of this Council, we devoutly seek Thy benediction, and ask Thy blessing to rest upon us; and as we go forth to the active duties and responsibilities of life, may it be to fill the measure of our days with usefulness, with purer motives, brighter hopes, and a personal consciousness of the Divine approval. Amen.
ALL: Amen.
Here may be sung:
Brethren of our social Order,
Each his heart with care inspect;
Succor all within our border,
The hungry feed, the poor protect.
As you leave these sacred portals,
Mingling with the outer world,
Raise the standard, bear it proudly,
Let your banner be unfurled.
Heaven guide us as we journey
‘Mid the scenes of pain and woe.
May our hearts with love and pity,
Shower sunshine where we go.
Bless our parting, and our slumbers,
Fill our basket and our store;
Peace abound in all our numbers,
‘Till we meet to part no more.
REGENT, at his station: Brothers, ... Council, No. ... Royal Arcanum, will next be opened for Duty, on the ... of ..., 19.., at ... o’clock. Please notify absent brothers and invite them to attend. The Guide will see that the Royal Secret, Protective Badge, Sash, Jewels, and Books of Duties are safely deposited and securely locked within the secret station.
Brothers, the Duties of this session are fully performed, and I now declare this Council closed. *.


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