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This illustrated glossary has been produced with the intent of informing collectors of the meaning of many of the words they encounter in reading, or in discussion with fellow Masonic collectors.  Some terms chosen for the index headings may not be those commonly used by a particular Lodge, Grand Lodge or group of individuals.  But, in an effort to bring standardization of terminology to the hobby of Masonic collecting, I have preferred one term over another.  

Wherever possible, illustrations -- compiled from many sources -- have been included in the glossary, to allow for better visualization of the meaning of a particular term, through exemplification.  It would have been an exhausting task, however, to track down visual examples of every term; for many terms, illustrative materials were not readily at hand.

I expect that I may have missed out some terms.  If so, I apologize.  But if you care to suggest what such omissions might be, I will incorporate them in a future revised edition of this glossary.  Regardless of what its shortcomings may be, I hope you will find this a useful reference tool.

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Bibliography and

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Copies of various manufacturers', retailers', wholesalers', and mail-order catalogues.

And, last but not least, I am grateful for information contributed to this glossary by the following collectors:  

  • Jerry E. Stotler
  • Al Lohman
  • Stephen Kapp
  • Burke Gray
  • Denis P. McGowan
  • Misha Taylor
  • David Hamilton
  • Nick Saunders
  • Stephan Patrick
  • Joe Opauski

As "Thanks" for the support given to this project by my fellow enthusiasts for the subject... I dedicate this glossary. 

David J. Lettelier






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