The Royal Arch Mason - 1962

When talk turns to religion
I have notions of my own,
Have my version of the Bible,
And things I think alone.

And I find them satisfying,
Find them comforting to me,
Though I wouldn't lose my temper
If you choose to disagree.

For religion as I see it,
Is a pathway to the goal,
And it's something to be settled
Between each man and his soul.

Now I'm not a Roman Catholic,
But I wouldn't go so far
As to fling away the friendship
Of the ones I know that are.

I've lived and neighbored with them,
Come to love them through and through.
I've respect and admiration
For the kindly things they do.

I've known Methodists, Baptists, Lutherans,
Scientists and Jews,
Whose friendship is a treasure
That I wouldn't want to lose.

So when the bigots talk religion
I just settle back and see
Every helpful, loyal friend
Each church has given me.

Author Unknown




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