From The Desk
of the Public Relations Director

Greetings Brethren and Friends of Phoenixmasonry

It is an honor and great pleasure to accept the position of Director of Pubic Relations at Phoenixmasonry.  I would like to thank Bro. David Lettelier and Phoenixmasonry’s Board of Directors for appointing and welcoming me.  I have visited Phoenixmasonry’s archives for years so I am thrilled to have this opportunity to contribute to its expansion and preservation. 


Phoenixmasonry’s website welcomes over 20 million online visitors per year, while its social media work offers educational content around the clock for Masons and non-Masons alike.  I will undertake that Phoenixmasonry presents itself and communicates with Freemasons and the general public effectively.


I have witnessed tremendous intolerance, if not outright hate, towards Freemasons. Things that violate basic societal standards of tolerance if said about Jews, Muslims, Christians, or any other group are routinely said about Freemasons. I would like to use this platform to educate the public as to what Freemasonry is and how ordinarily human the concerns and needs of those who toil to keep Freemasonry alive are. I also look forward to studying, disseminating, and discussing finer details of Freemasonry with the Brethren.  


Elena Llamas, Public Relations Director




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