To the question "Are you a Mason?"

The Masonic Review - 1853

I am one of a band,
Who will faithfully stand,
In the bonds of affection and love;
I have knocked at a door,
Once wretched and poor,
And there for admission I stood.

By the help of a friend,
Who assistance did lend,
I succeeded an entrance to gain;
Was received in the West,
By command from the East,
But not without feeling some pain.

Here my conscience was taught,
By a moral quite fraught
With sentiments holy and true;
Then onward I traveled,
To have it unraveled,
What Hiram intended to do

Very soon to the East,
I made known my request
And "light" by command did attend.
When lol I perceived,
In due form revealed
A Master, and Brother, and Friend.

Thus far have I stated,
And simply related,
What happen'd when I was made free
But I've "passed" since then.,
And was "raised" up again
To a sublime and ancient degree.

Thence onward I marched
That I might be "Arched,"
And find out the treasures long lost;
I beheld a bright flame,
 From the midst of which came
A voice, which my ears did accost.

Through the "Veils" I then went,
And succeeded at length
The"Sanctum Sanctorum" to find;
By the "Signet," I gained,
And quickly obtained,
Employment which suited my mind.

In the depths then I wrought,
And most carefully sought
For treasures so long hidden there;
And by labor and' toil,
I discovered "rich spoil"
Which are kept by the Craft with care.

Having thus far arrived,
I further contrived
Among valiant knights to appear;
And as pilgrim and knight,
I stood ready to fight,
Nor Saracen foe would I fear.

For the "widow" distressed;
There's a chord in my breast,
For the helpless and orphan I feel;
And my sword I could draw,
To maintain the pure law,
Which the duty of Templars reveal.

Thus have I revealed,
(Yet wisely concealed)
What the free and accepted well know,
I am one of a band
Who will faithfully stand
As a Brother, wherever I go.




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