Rays of Masonry" by Dewey Wollstein -1953

We must ever keep in mind the fact that the strength of Masonry is in the ideal of Universality. It has never offered a prescribed religion, but has forever offered the inspiration for the individual Mason to grow in his religious beliefs.

The instant there is a monopolistic trend to distribute religion to men, ignoring their private and personal beliefs, the system then becomes the master of the man and is a danger to society. The individual is submerged and no longer is a seeker of Light.

On the other hand, when an institution gives proper emphasis to Spiritual Enlightenment in relation to Intellectual Development, the individual stands as "the image of his Creator," not bound by dogma or edict, and free to develop spiritually and mentally, unhampered by a mighty pre-fabricated system.

The strength of Masonry is in the tolerance and understanding of those of many beliefs who unite in Love, the pinnacle of all religions.

The proper relation between Spiritual Growth and Mental Development is the balance wheel of Masonry.

The highest good of all religions (and here is the common ground upon which Masons meet), is determined by the degree to which we recognize the same ingredients of love, of unselfishness, of service to humanity, in our brother's religion, as we claim for our own.

There is a fine distinction between a Landmark and a Wall.




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