Tribute To The Flag...

By:  Roy H. Shepherd

Fellow Americans, before you unfurled our country's flag!  It is not in a spirit of boastfulness but rather in a sense of justifiable pride, we would have you remember that...  the flag never has known defeat.  It has ever gone forward, victorious, triumphant!  Not like the Roman Eagle or the Crescent of the Saracen to conquer and to crush, but to make men free.   No symbol -- save the cross -- epitomizes so much suffering and devotion, and radiates more hope than that flag.  It is the symbol of your noble heritage, your kingly prerogatives, and your civic duties as American citizens.  We call you to an active exercise of those prerogatives -- with prudence and nobility of purpose, and to the performance of every duty with unfaltering spirit.  We here solemnly pledge you to an unquestioning obedience to the mandates of that flag.  Should your country command you -- obey!  Give to your country, your service, your purse, and even your life, if necessary, to the end that our nation may ever go forward upon its lofty mission, and stand in the Congress of the nations of the world -- the champion of an ever freer, nobler, happier, humanity.  And continue our prayer, oh God, that out of such devotion Thy Kingdom may come -- Thy will may be done -- on earth here as it is there in Heaven, and we will continue to give Thee all the praise -- both now and forever and ever. -- Amen.




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