The Flesh Dies Alone
Written By Ezekiel M. Bey, FPS

As I sat by the window looking up on high

Trying to see the figures in the darken skies

My imagination creating forms of pleasure

As the clouds moved east, geometric measures


Now the clouds got thick, heavy they became

when the winds picked up, followed heavy rains

as the waters clashed against the window ledge

the leaves off the trees blew away the hedge


The scenery was furious like a hurricane

Throwing all its might like a cargo train

But in one quick second everything just stopped

Everything was calmer, not even one raindrop


From the skies above came the brighten SUN

The magnificent rays broke the clouds of heaven

I understood why darkness compliments the day

I understood why man was molded out of clay


And so I saw creation right before my eyes

How it all appeared, from within it lies

There’re no shadows cast on an opened mind

The no-limit space where there is no time


I can just recall when I joined the Lodge

Holy Book on Altar, checkered floor mirage

Remember the window I looked out to see

It was not outside but inside of me


So as we shape the ashlar, that is made of stone

A long road is traveled, pass the borne unknown

You’ll one day lay down- your flesh and your bones

Rejoicing souls ascend, the flesh dies alone.



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