Though my Lodge may lack the splendor

Of a temple or a shrine,

Or possess the gaudy fixtures

That are classed as superfine—

Yet the fellowship it offers

Is in price beyond compare

And I wouldn't trade it ever

For life's treasures—rich or rare!


The hand-clasp firm, the word of cheer,

Oh, such meanings they impart:

The mystic ties of brotherhood

That links us, heart to heart!

You'd really have to travel far,

For the friendships quite so strong

As those one always finds right here

In the lodge where I belong.


When all my earthly travels end,

And at last I'm borne to rest

Where mortal hands no longer toil

And I cease life's endless quest

Why there's nothing I'd like better—

Should I join the heavenly throng—

Than to meet with all the brothers

Of the Lodge where I belong!







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