“The Meaning of Freemasonry”

Bro. Wachter
Merchantville Lodge #119
Pennsauken, NJ

The question is as simple as it is complex. Allegory wrapped in symbolism, the ability to make good men better, or a society with secrets; all quaint and witty one liners that help explain this complex organization to those who are ignorant to the craft. However, an all-encompassing answer is just as easily explained.

The meaning of Freemasonry is best described as such: In a world of endless choices and countless temptations, this elaborate and ever changing fraternity has a way of teaching a simple principle to every individual no matter where they live or what they believe in. That principle is explains that while wealth, title, and fame can easily be stripped from a man. All he really has in this world is his word, his honor, and his integrity. These are the key to a great life and a great man. Without them you are nothing, with them you are all you will ever need to be.

That is the meaning of Freemasonry. It is the ability to understand and become all you ever need to be.








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