A Message from our Founding President

Dear Traveling Visitors and Brethren:

Welcome to the starting point of a life-long journey of
self-improvement.  It is here at our website, the cornerstone
of Phoenixmasonry, that we fulfill our obligations to the service
of humankind through education and enlightenment.
The mission of Phoenixmasonry is dedicated to facilitating a
spiritual rebirth and resurrection in the philosophy of Freemasonry:
"To take good men and women and make them better!"  Its
purpose is to cement together, in one common bond, all humanity
by appealing to that charity and sympathy which are innate in
every moral and upright person.  It is not only a service, but a
discipline.  Its teachings must be brought into all departments of
your life, to ennoble and adorn it; for Freemasonry lays down
the rules of conduct in the symbolic teachings of its working tools.
It embraces tolerance and equality as brethren (men and women)
of every race, religion, and language and speaks to each in his own
tongue. It reveals to us the meaning of the famous inscription on
the Temple of Delphi, "Know thyself and thou wilt know the
universe and God."  Pythagoras, like other great spiritual teachers,
was initiated into many schools of the ancient Mysteries where
science and religion were entirely at one.  From his early example
to the time of King Solomon and Jesus of Nazareth our members
are instructed in the art of life and become the newest link in the
chain of immortality.  Within its membership is a great inheritance;
some of the greatest, the wisest, the best of mankind have labored
for you.  You are invited to enter into their harvest.  You will learn
the rites which they once performed and you will be able to undertake
the sublime task which they undertook - the task of making our
common brotherhood wiser and happier.  You will build forward
where they left off and so help to bring nearer to perfection that great
edifice which they left uncompleted... "that spiritual building, that
house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."

Welcome to the World's Finest Masonic Museum and E-Library!

David J. Lettelier, President
Phoenixmasonry, Inc.

E-mail address:  phoenixmason@bellsouth.net



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