What is a Cryptic Mason?

By Cliff Cameron, D.D.
Past Thrice Illustrious Master
Jerusalem Council No.7
Navasota, Texas

A Cryptic Mason is a Companion who has been exalted to the Holy Royal Arch, and to make his knowledge of the Royal Art more complete he is greeted a Royal Master. He learns something of the Alpha, and something of the Omega, the beginning and the end.

Being faithful to his trust and diligent in the discharge of his duties to G-d, his country, his neighbor and himself, he passes the Summit of Ancient Craft Masonry, by being entrusted with the Cardinal Virtues of a Select Master - Secrecy and Silence.

As an Ish-Sodi, he dangerously learns through curious zeal, that Justice swiftly calls, but Mercy boldly answers. Leaving him with the realization "that embodied within the Crypt lies the Soul of Freemasonry."





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