Author Unknown

A ROYAL ARCH MASON is a man who began his Masonic career by seeking light as an ENTERED APPRENTICE. Thus entering upon his labors and duties diligently, he soon realized the need for more light and knowledge, and so he sought to be passed to the degree of FELLOWCRAFT. Still learning and trying, he realized his need for further light and education and by diligent labor, prepared himself to be raised to the sublime degree of MASTER MASON. Being thus enlightened and entrusted with the purposes and uses of the working tools – the gauge – the gavel – the plumb – the square – the level – and the trowel, he labored faithfully in the quarries of life. Reaching that point that his work was found to be good, true, and square, he was advanced to the degree of MARK MASTER MASON. With his efforts and labors with the chisel and mallet thus recognized, he was elevated to the status of a virtual PAST MASTER and proved his qualities of leadership, direction, and inspiration. These qualities displayed in his life and conduct as well as in his labors, he was able to participate in the symbolism of the dedication of the Temple – viewing the light of God’s presence and power and being received and acknowledged as a MOST EXCELLENT MASTER. After sustained effort and confirming evidence of faithful service, he was exalted to the HOLY ROYAL ARCH being entrusted with the mysteries of the triangle – emblematic of the power, light, and strength of God. In fulfillment of his quest for light, the Companion received the long-lost Master’s Word and rededicated himself to work of building that house not made with hands eternal in the heavens.





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