"What It Means To Be A Mason"

A video series

Fran Foster’s Masonic TV Show

In 1994 Wor. Fran Foster attended a very special event in his community. The Mt. Rushmore flag came to town, and many scouts, Masons, community leaders and just plain people gathered to celebrate the occasion and help raise and lower the flag. Also, there to record the occasion was local cable TV, Continental Cable. 

Foster took a moment to ask Continental Cable Program Director Paul Joia if he could get air time for one Masonic show. Joia said I will do you one step better; I will give you a permanent time slot if you can put together a regular show.

So was born “What It Means To Be A Mason,” recorded at the East Bridgewater – Whitman Cable TV studio in Southeastern Massachusetts. Many Masons from the Brocton Masonic District came to help produce this show under the supervision of Program Director Joia who taught us all how to operate all the equipment, especially the cameras.

Each show different Brothers would step up to the plate to produce this show. For the first two shows, Foster asked Wor. Richard Cusick, Master of Paul Revere Lodge, and Wor. Frederic Milliken, Master of Plymouth Lodge, to be the guests and talk about what it means to be a Mason. After that Foster got guests from every Body, Masonic Library, The Massachusetts Grand Lodge, and even three Grand Masters.

Foster produced 28 What It Means To Be A Mason Cable TV shows. Although now over 20 years old they are timeless and the quality excellent. Wor. Fran Foster has donated his entire collection to Phoenixmasonry although a few are missing. We are happy that we can share these with you now. And we are even happier that Wor. Fran Foster will get the national recognition that he so rightly deserves.

Episode 1 - What It Means To Be A Mason

Episode 2 - The Entered Apprentice

Episode 4 - Friend to Friend Civil War Memorial

Episode 5 - The Quiet Fraternity

Episode 6 - Courage To Lead

Episode 7 -Oscar's Children

Episode 8 - Masonic Church Service

Episode 9 - Masonic Officers And Their Duties

Episode 10 - Masonic Charities

Episode 12 - A Conscience For America

Episode 13 - The Scottish Rite Learning Centers

Episode 14 - The Scottish Rite NMJ Museum of Our National Heritage

Episode 15 - Tour Of Scottish Rite Museum Of Our National Heritage

Episode 16 - Masonic VA Medical Center Chapel Service

Episode 17 - Grand Master

Episode 18 - The Grotto

Episode 19 - Shriners Hospital for Children

Episode 20 - Samuel Crocker Lawrence Library

Episode 21 - Research Lodges

Episode 22 - Masonic Hospital Visitation Program

Episode 23 - Child Identification Program (CHIP)

Episode 24 - Masonic Estates

Episode 25 - What It Means To Be A Mason - Part 2

Episode 26 - Scottish Rite Masons

Episode 27 - CHIP 2000

Episode 28 - Talk To A Grand Master


·        RW Arthur Richardson

·        RW Chandos Bailey

·        RW Dick Cusick

·        Wor Frederic L. Milliken

·        Bro. Ted Haskell

·        Bro. Paul Joia

·        Bro. Dick Wight

·        Bro. Jim Moore

·        Bro. Stan Stills

·        Bro. Stephen Foster

·        Bro. Gordon MacKay




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