Masonic First Day Covers - (FDC's)

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The stamps issued by the United States tell the inspiring story of America's history.  They are America's monuments in miniature, masterful tributes to our culture and heritage.  And, just as the First Editions of rare books are eagerly collected--the First Editions or First Day Covers of America's stamps are considered by many to be the most desirable way to collect these beautiful issues.  First Day Covers tell the story of America and why she is a great, proud nation.  They commemorate the people like George Washington and Harry S Truman, who have contributed character and honor to our country.  They celebrate events like our country's independence and the Revolution that won that freedom.  In all, the First Day Covers of America's stamps capture the America we are all proud of.  First Day Covers do all this through commemorative stamps, fine original art, and historic postmarks.

Geo. Washington & Lafayette w/ Masonic Apron FDC

George Washington - Receiving His Entered Apprentice Degree FDC

Albert Pike - Confederate General and Leader of the Scottish Rite - SMJ

Walt Disney / Demolay International FDC's

Daniel Carter Beard - Boy Scouts of America FDC

Robert E. Peary - Discovered the North Pole FDC

Paul Revere - American Patriot and Grand Master FDC

Benjamin Franklin - American Statesman & Freemason FDC

John Paul Jones - Father of the American Navy Masonic FDC

Masonic Presidents of the United States FDC's

Charles H. Mayo - Co-founder of the Mayo Clinic FDC

Clara Barton, U.S. Nurse, Order of Eastern Star FDC

J. Edgar Hoover - Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Frederic Auguste Bartholdi - Sculptor - Statue of Liberty FDC

Gutzon Borglum - Sculptor - Mt. Rushmore National Memorial

Irving Berlin - Composer - "God Bless America"

Major General Claire Chennault - Commander WWII Flying Tigers

Admiral Richard E. Byrd - Polar Explorer - Aviator Masonic FDC

Henry "Hap" Arnold - Commanding General U.S.A.F.- FDC

Samuel L. Clemens - Author & Humorist - Alias "Mark Twain"

Sam Houston - Pioneer of a Nation - Masonic FDC

Andrew Jackson - Grand Master of Tennessee (1822-1824) FDC

Sir Winston Churchill - Outstanding Leader of the 20th Century

George Washington Masonic National Memorial FDC

2012 Danny Thomas "Forever" Stamp

Nat "King" Cole - American Jazz Legend

1964-65 New York World's Fair - Masonic FDC

"Medal of Honor Recipients" - Masonic FDC's

"Civil War Soldiers" - Masonic FDC's

"Actors, Musicians and Screen Writers" - Masonic FDC's

"Legends of Baseball"  -  Masonic FDC's

"Circus and Clowns"  -  Masonic FDC's

"America's Astronauts" - Masonic FDC's

"Famous Freemasons" - Masonic FDC's

"Revolutionary War / Founding Fathers" - Masonic FDC's

Austrian Stamp Sheet honoring the 250th Anniversary of Mozart and Freemasonry

Grand Lodge of India "50th Anniversary" First Day Cover





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