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Early "Three Great Lights" Bronze Paperweight

Another "Three Great Lights" Commemorative Paperweight

Nickel Plated Square and Compasses Paperweight

Glass Square & Compasses Paperweight

Geo. Washington National Masonic Memorial Paperweights

Beautiful Reproduction Cobalt Blue Masonic Paperweights

Bronze Bulldog from the Geo. Washington Masonic National Memorial

Bronze Dachshund from the Geo. Washington Masonic Nat. Memorial

1997 Grand Master of Florida Paperweight/Medallion

1976 Bicentennial "Washington at Prayer" Paperweight/Medallion

Great Seal of the United States Paperweight/Medallion

Bronze Masonic Figural Goat Paperweight

Masonic Pyramid with 14th Degree Scottish Rite Ring Paperweight

Lincoln Park Royal Arch Chapter No. 177 Cameo Paperweight





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