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St. John's Lodge No. 1 150th Anniversary Medallion

Phoenixmasonry 10th Anniversary Medallion

Spectacular 1884 Morgan Dollar Portrait Token

Brother George Washington Laying the Cornerstone to the U. S. Capitol

1797 George Washington Masonic Medallion

Brother George Washington Bicentennial Medallion

1997 Grand Master of Florida Paperweight/Medallion

1976 Bicentennial "Washington at Prayer" Paperweight/Medallion

Great Seal of the United States Paperweight/Medallion

Robert Burns Lodge No. 464 Medallion

Benjamin Franklin - Freemason - Medallion

Nice 1916 Denver Colorado Silver Jubilee Medallion

Benjamin Franklin Silver Commemorative Medallion

1922 Corner Stone Laying Medallion for the Detroit Masonic Temple





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