Service Circles

There is a natural ingrown reluctance on the part of Masons, Masonic Lodges appendant and concordant bodies to divulge the amount spent on charitable endeavors, particularly regarding charity relief of their own members.  Even those Lodges which are heavily endowed do not make details of their relief efforts public.  When a need exists in a particular case, many Masonic bodies merely "pass the hat" and do not make it a matter of record as to how much was collected.  This is Masonic charity at its best.

Masonic Homes

The Easter Seals Story in Florida

Knight Templar Eye Foundation

MSA Hospital Visitation Program

National Masonic Foundation for Children

Scottish Rite Learning Centers for Children

Habitat for Humanity

Shriners Hospitals for Children

Masonic Home Band celebrates 50th Year

How to Help Ronald McDonald House

Today's Boy Scouts - Tomorrow's Phoenixmasons


The New Age stands as yet

Half built against the sky

Open to every threat

Of storms that clamor by.

Scaffolding veils the walls

And dim dust floats & falls

As moving to and fro, their tasks

The Masons ply.

While we as Phoenixmasons are forming study-circles to improve ourselves, we need to form service-circles to improve the lot of others.




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