Past Master Jewels, etc. 

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George Washington's Worshipful Master Jewel

Early Past Masters Jewel dtd 1775

Revolutionary War Period - Past Masters Jewel

Revolutionary War Era Royal Arch Mason Jewel

Sterling Silver Past Master's Jewel from Pennsylvania

Sterling Silver Past Treasurer's Collar Jewel

Civil War / Victorian Era Past Masters Hat Pins

Seafaring Brethren's Shark Tooth FOB

Hand-carved Ivory Masonic Shoe or Slipper

Square & Compasses Folding FOB

Victorian Masonic Square Pin with Garnet Stone

Masonic Spinner FOB

Masonic Temple Steps Fob

Unusual Masonic Spinner FOB

An English Masonic FOB Collection

A Custom Made Masonic Ball and Cross FOB

Highly Engraved Masonic Ball and Cross FOB

Unusual Masonic Spinner with a Skull

Agate Square & Compasses Watch FOB

Miniature Masonic Book FOB from the Collection of Wor. Bro. Paul McEvoy

Another Miniature Masonic Book FOB

The Masonic Blue Slipper Pin

Early Rings with a Masonic Secret

Ark of the Covenant Jewelry Box (Reproduction)

Masonic Ball & Cross FOB

Masonic Setting Maul FOB

Masonic Cube FOB

Another Beautiful Masonic Pierced Cube FOB

Masonic Spinning Ball FOB

Gold Pierced Masonic Cube Fob

Pyramid to Star Fold-out FOB

Broken Column Fold-out FOB

18th Century Masonic Jewel

Irish Past Master Jewel dated 1765

Beautiful Past District Deputy Grand Masters Jewel

Beautiful 1903 Grand Masters Jewel from Colorado

Beautiful 1914 Victorian Style Past Masters Jewel

Enameled Scottish Past Masters Jewel with Thistle Pin

Beautiful Past Masters Jewel with Moonstone

Gorgeous 9kt Gold Masonic Wax Seal - FOB

Another Beautiful Past Masters Presentation Jewel

Blue Lodge 35 Year Service Medal w/ Masonic History

Eastern Star Golden Ball FOB

Masonic Turtle Pin

Masonic Forget-Me-Not Lapel Pin

Masonic Blood Donors Lapel Pin

Texas Ranger Masonic Lapel Pin

Masonic Stick Pin Collection

Masonic Tie Clasp Hand-carved from Elephant Ivory

Masonic Shield Pin Dated "Christmas 1868"

Early Masonic Holy Royal Arch Pin with Mine Cut Diamonds

Masonic/Scottish Rite 18th Degree Limoges Style FOB

1915 Masonic $10 Gold Piece - Watch FOB

Victorian Masonic Mourning Pin with Braided Hair

Eighteenth Century Past Master & Secretary Jewels

York Rite and Royal Arch Masonic FOB

George Washington As A Mason Token/FOB


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