Shrine of North America - Metalware

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Shrine of N.A. --  Wilkinson Sword Scimitar

Early Shrine Scimitar Made by Pettibone Bros.

Early Sterling Silver Dance Card from Kosair Temple

1912 Al Malaikah Shrine Temple Silver Engraved Flask

Early Shriner Hanging Mirror

1926 Al Malaikah Shrine Temple Ship Wheel Lighter

1928 Art Deco Metal Calendar from Mohammed Shrine Temple 

Syria Shrine Temple Automobile Club Tag

Syria Shrine Temple Donation Can with Tax Stamps

Shrine Potentate's Ceremonial Scepter

1921 "Iowa Welcomes Shriners" Auto Emblem

Shriner Camel Cigarette Case

Early Bronze Camel Door Stop

1906 Kismet Shrine Temple Gold Jewelry Box

1907 Silver Plated Toothpick Holder from Tebala Shrine Temple

Shrine Temple Ceiling Hanger - Bronze

Early Shrine of North America Door Knob

Rameses Shrine Temple Letter Opener

Early Sterling Silver Shrine Motor Corps Wings

Shrine Shoe Horn with Figural Victorian Lady

1923 Fez Over the U.S. Capitol Paperweight

1923 Shrine Plaque Commemorating ICS in Washington, D.C.

1926 Bektash Shrine Temple Letter Opener

1928 Bronze Jewelry Box from Miami, Florida

1930 El Jebel Shrine Temple Letter Opener

1930's Syria Shrine Temple Brush and Comb Sets

1930 Syria Shrine Temple Camel Lighter

Early Shrine Frankart Cigar Lighter

Early Shrine Collection Tin Creamer

Shrine Ice Cream / Butter / Chocolate Mold

Kaaba Shrine Temple Bronze Camel Paperweight

Early Shrine of N.A. Victorian Picture Frame

Shrine of N.A. Early Bronze Bookends

Aloha Shrine Temple / Okinawa Shrine Club Perpetual Calendar





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