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This website was developed to deliver further Light in Freemasonry. While the origin dates of Freemasonry in Europe are unclear, for more than two hundred years Freemasonry has been documented as an integral and vital part of the American society, culture and history.  Our site is important to Phoenixmasons (e-Masons) and the general public, because it is a well-kept repository of our treasured Masonic heritage and humble origins.  Our Mission Statement fills many roles.  One goal, in the global world of the Internet, is to exhibit Masonic documents, lectures, and objects in a rich historical context that both educates and stimulates the traveler to continue and learn.  We hope to bring the past back to life; and incite a passion for learning.  We truly appreciate your visit and welcome you to download any portion of this site for your personal use as Masonic Research and Education material.

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Brother David Lettelier and Why He Collected Masonic Objects from the Past



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